Alamo Bowl- San Antonio

Sunday, January 10, 2010

So on January 2nd Matt and I went to the Alamo Bowl. It was dirty Texas Tech vs. Michigan State, Matt's Alum. Also playing for MSU wide receiver is Matt's cousin Keith last name Nichol. he was pretty good. Made a touch down! There is another cousin on the team Kyle... or as I dubbed him "Baby Bear". He loves the name, just puts up a front that he hates it. Our seats were great! first row on the field next to the band, thank you family seats! The band was good too, even though the color guard did not have matching flags (i hate that). The drum line does a cool thing at the end of the 3rd quarter. They come to the front of the stands and play some beats for the fans, while Sparty conducts. We were sitting in the front so it felt like they were playing for me :)

It was no TX/ou.. but I had a great time. I got a half yard (alcoholic drink) and drank a lot of beer! Sparty is a nicely made mascot. But Bevo can horn him any day. I wore green and white to support my BF, but the Spartans came up short. Impressive game though. Matt's cousin is turning out to be a good player, some experience and maybe MSU can compete with the big dogs :) As for now on to Basketball!!!! HOOK'EM HORNS!