Make Austin a No Kill City

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I'm talking about animals of course. Austin Pets Alive is a non profit foundation dedicated to rescue and adopt out as many animals as it can. Now this awesome organization has sent a proposal to the Austin City Council suggesting they take over the job managing the city's adoption program. They claim that they can make Austin a no kill city for less money than the city government uses now. I personally agree. They adopt out more animals than the Townlake Animal Shelter does. Also they work off of volunteers. The city pays the workers at the shelters, which is not a bad thing, but if you merge both ideas and make good the use of volunteers, more will get done. Townlake Animal Shelter is where Matt and I got Lilly. I love the place, and right now they are only putting down about 30% of animals. With a little push and help I'm positive it can become a No Kill site. On the first of March the Health and Human Services subcommittee voted unanimously to move forward with the Animal Advisory Commission’s (AAC) recommendations. Great day for animal lovers everywhere! It still isn’t finalized yet though. I like dropping by to some of the Austin Pets Alive event in SoCo, and I plan on attending Yuppy Hour (happy hour for us humans) next month, Ill make sure to blog about that! Here are some links if you are interested in reading up on this city proposal.

Some of my Cakes.

Monday, March 1, 2010

So recently I started dabbling in the world of cake decorating. I'm not great by any means, but my cakes aren't ugly either. I decided to post a few just so I have them all in on spot. Enjoy.

Kayal and Usha's Birthday

For Matt's Birthday I made a heavy metal cake with the South Park version of himself on top.

This cake was for a co-worker. She wanted this cake for her sister's baby shower. Sofia helped a lot with this cake. The baby's name was ARAH. The theme for the cake was pink Dallas Cowboys. Thats why the baby is wearing a helmet.

This last cake was for a new co-worker's daughter. She was turning ten and wanted to design and draw out her own cake. Hot pink and peace signs were the theme. Creative I know. Also instead of fondant I used frosting.. last time I do that... the frosting drove me crazy! Just ask Matt. But the cake came out how the little girl wanted it, and she was so excited that the frosting drama was all worth it.